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Since we are selling the house this year, I have taken to heart all the many articles I’ve read that say kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. While I don’t have a ton of money to throw at either of these rooms, I do have some time and definitely some motivation.

I figured I’d drag you along through this special hell with me for a few reasons.

Why? You Ask…

First, it will keep me moving along and less likely to get sidetracked or burned out. Also, it forces me to stop periodically and write. Which is good since I tend to get very focused and will keep doing things until my body gives out. My shoulder still hasn’t recovered from painting the ceiling in the downstairs bathroom two years ago.

Finally, I don’t want to pour a lot of money into a house that I’m going to leave shortly, but I still want it to look nice and last for the next owners. Having you guys with me will keep me from getting lazy or sloppy with it. I will want the same for the house I end up buying and I do believe in karma.

I am not a painter or a crafty person. I can’t draw or paint pictures and I can’t do stuff with yarn. I’ve tried. My amazing cousin/sister, Perry, tried to teach me and shortly after the lesson began, she started drinking. It was the best possible scenario. A loving, patient teacher, wine, and a genuine desire, yet still, I failed.


I’m a big believer in ‘let’s see if there’s a kit for that’ because through the years I’ve gotten insanely overwhelmed by the myriad of videos and tutorials out there for the whole DIY thing. That means ‘do it yourself.’ I didn’t know that for the longest time because there’s very little I did myself. Those letters didn’t apply to me. I’m more of a J.I.I. girl. Just Ignore It.

For instance, dog or cat vomit? J.I.I.

Huge tree limb in the yard? J.I.I.

Strange light flashing on the dash of the Santa Fe? J.I.I.

Giant spider in the laundry room? Cover it with a glass, THEN J.I.I.

Somehow these things eventually go away when I J.I.I. Benton will try to claim credit but I know it’s the elves. Okay, okay! I know it’s not elves! That’s unrealistic. It must be fairies.

Either way, the J.I.I. has worked for me. However for some reason the elves and the fairies and even Benton are also ignoring the counter tops in my house and they have been for nineteen years. It’s time someone did something!

Simple? HA!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this trend in things in general, but most tutorials start by telling how simple the project is and that they will walk you step by step through the process and the next thing you know you are pausing every two seconds because what they are saying should happen is most decidedly NOT what is happening.

Now, I’m not bragging but I am fairly well educated and I’m fairly intelligent in general. I am also fifty so I’ve been around the block a time or two and have some general life smarts about me. I hold down a job, raised two kids, keep my husband alive and functioning and apparently house some lazy elves and fairies. Yet when creating this blog itself I can’t begin to tell you the number of times the process was supposed to be simple, straightforward, anyone can do it, have your blog up and running in less than two hours.


I cried.

A lot.


Then when researching this project, the first video I found started blabbing on about how simple and straightforward it was and I had a rather negative reaction. So, I did what I do and I googled. (Yes, it IS a verb.)

DIY Kit for Countertops

I wasn’t passive aggressive…I asked for exactly what I wanted. “Easy kit to redo bathroom counters.” And BOOM! Amazon comes through again. Giani Countertop Paint Kit, White Diamond

So, if you are like me, and I suspect there are more of us out there than we let on, this is for you. I will share my adventure. The steps involved. And pictures! If you’re curious about the kit and it’s quality, I’ll talk about that too. If you aren’t sure what exactly you need to complete this project, I’ll tell you. I was nervous to start because this is definitely out of my comfort zone. But it worked out pretty well. So, over the next few weeks (months) join me (and Boy Cat) as we become a little less clueless and a little more creative!

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