I have an empty nest. Or at least I’m trying to. Those kids keep coming back! But really, that’s okay because I need to do this in steps until I get used to it.

As the children are slowly going away, I’m finding myself with time on my hands. My options are: worry obsessively or find something else to do. I’ve found something else to do.

We love the freedom that comes with planning activities that don’t cater to the children. Most have been driven by travel, drink, and food. So this, my love of research, and my desire to make life easier for women walking the path I’ve recently left, brings me to this blog. My mind is becoming my own again and I’m learning how to take care of myself and stop those “stress-related” ailments that keep popping up. I want to share the journey.

Things around here got heavy and stressful over the past five years. My health was affected in negative ways. I didn’t like it, so on my fiftieth birthday, I decided to make some changes. I changed how I care for myself and how I care for others. It will always be an ongoing learning process, but I’ve begun to reframe my thoughts and adjust my boundaries so I can protect my sanity.

There are many things that have improved my quality of life. Books written by wise people, and some written by idiots, have all taught me something that impacts the choices I make now.

I’m a special education teacher by day and a smart ass middle aged woman by night. I love my students and am a good teacher but by the evening, the self control I’ve exhibited all day vanishes during the drive home and the smart ass comes flying out. My daughter Grace has said many times that I have good advice but the way I say it is often just inappropriate. Go figure.

Disney 2006 and New Orleans 2017.

I do have two daughters. They are eighteen and twenty-one. They have their own lives to live and their own paths to discover so they certainly don’t need me blabbing about them and their personal stuff on the internet. I’m sure I’ll mention them here and there (as in Grace’s comment above) but this isn’t about them. With one caveat: anything that happened while they were still under my jurisdiction and under eighteen is fair game. I own the rights to that shit.

So sometimes I’m serious and sometimes I manage to find the humor but either way I generally have good advice and most likely it will be delivered poorly.